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After finishing my undergraduate degree, my best friend, Michael, and I spent the summer in Spain. Michael had spent his high school and college years in Spain and was celebrating completing his Masters in Spanish from Rice. It was a trip of a lifetime (well my lifetime, at least). It seemed that everywhere we went we ran into old friends of his. I saw things I'd never otherwise have seen—although I did spend a great deal of time "studying the wallpaper" when the conversations in Spanish grew longer than my attention span and conversatonal skills became overwhelmed.
Park Bench, Luxembourg CityLuxembourgLuxembourgThe Tooth. Luxembourg CityLuxembourg CitySpain 1-32View from campingCamping IgueldoSan SebastionSan SebastianSan SebastionSan SebastionSan SebastionSpain 03-13Spain 03-14Spain 03-20Spain 03-25-2Spain 03-26Avila, SpainAvila, Spain